Creating Explosive Plays with the Pin Concept off Play Action…

The following post in an excerpt taking from a comprehensive look at RGIII’s 2012 ROY Campaign posted at The Orange and Brown Report.

Washington’s second long touchdown came off play action, using a two-man Pin concept that integrates a post with an in-breaking Dig route. The H-back will cut block at the line of scrimmage to sell the play action before heading to the flat as a check down. In this example we can clearly see how the offense’s backfield flow causes defenders to use poor eye discipline, resulting in another explosive play.

Against split safeties the offense wants to force the deep left defender to jump the dig route, allowing the post route to hit over his head. The play action is designed to slow the safety’s read of his run/pass key, putting him in conflict to slow his drop to the deep half.

The play action works to perfection, causing the safety to take a step downhill towards his run fit while the post route runs right by him. Take a look from a different angle.

The corner has little chance of making a play here as he is playing with outside leverage against an in-breaking route

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