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The Hue Jackson Run Game

With the announcement that head coach Hue Jackson will call his own plays, All-22 film provides a wealth of knowledge and insight into what to expect from the 2016 Cleveland Browns’ offense. Several base concepts that Jackson leans on in the pass and run game jump out of the game tape immediately. A popular run-game concept executed at all levels of football (and Hue Jackson favorite) that we can expect to see next season is good old-fashioned ‘Power’.

Before getting into the details of the play, let’s look at the world famous ‘Power’ concept. The play falls under the ‘power’ run game umbrella, as it is gap-blocked, requiring offensive linemen to both down block and pull.

The running back will take a hard step away from the play’s direction to allow the pulling guard to cross his face, with the added bonus of often causing hesitation by pulling linebackers away from the ball as they read the tailback for run flow.

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