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Running the ‘Split-Dig’ with Hue Jackson

Another HueJackson-favorite that shows up on tape several times against split-safety coverage (Cover 2, Cover 4, and Cover 6) is the ‘Split-Dig’ concept.

Split-Dig is a popular three-man concept that can be run out of a variety of formations including 2 X 2, or ‘Quad’s, if the running back is used as the #3 receiver.

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Bluffing Blake Bortles into an Interception

This post by the always-outstanding Jim Light motivated me to go back and look at some defensive film from the 2014 season, with the goal of locating some creative defensive schematics that led to turnovers.

The Jags game immediately came to mind as the defense picked off Blake Bortles three times, including two by Tashaun Gipson.  His second interception caught my eye as Jim O’Neil’s used a combination of offensive tendency via film study, a blitz bluff, and solid back-end coverage to confuse Blake Bortles into his second interception of the afternoon.

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Previewing Flip’s Offense: The Shallow Cross with a Twist

Mark Richt has run a highly successful shallow cross series since his days as Florida State’s offensive coordinator in the mid-late 90’s.  He brought the play to Georgia and continues to run it to this day.  I love the play concept; I REALLY hope Flip brings it with him.

Here’s a diagram of the play straight from FSU’s playbook:

Click here for a look at some All 22 film of the concept.  You’ll also see Richt’s Y-Corner, Y-Stick, and Sail concepts.

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Beating Quarter’s “Box” Check out of the Bunch

Over the course of the 2014 season the Raiders often threw out of a “bunch” alignment in the read zone. I thought this play was interesting because it illustrates a very creative way to defeat a common Cover 4 (Quarters) “check” to a bunch formation, the “box” call.

A “box” call is a 4 over 3 coverage.  The “box” check is a pattern-matching zone in which each defender begins the play with a zone that converts to man as the WR’s distribute.  The DB’s must read the WR’s release at the LOS and decide if they are releasing inside/outside, and man-it from there.

Here is good illustration of the “box” alignment from JamesLightFootball.com (Jim’s site is a “must check” every day for my fellow film junkies):

If an offensive player doesn’t enter the defender’s zone, he will “zone off” and look to bracket anything close.

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