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Creating Explosive Plays off Play Action Part Deux: Using Triangles

The following post is an excerpt taking from a comprehensive breakdown of Robert Griffin III’s 2012 ROY campaign posted at The Orange and Brown Report.

In addition to red zone and short down-and-distance play action concepts, Washington took several vertical shots downfield in positive down/distance situations. The offense hit two long touchdowns off play action in a 38-31 victory over divisional opponent Dallas in week 12.

In 20 personnel with twin receivers to the field (wide side), the offense hit their first big gain of the game through the air using a variant of variation of the Air Raid’s famous Y-Cross concept. The route combination features a deep crossing route (run more like a Dig here) from the X receiver, a seam route designed to clear out the middle of the field by the Y receiver, and a flat route by the H-back. The Z receiver (at the bottom of the screen) runs a quick hitch to act as a hot route will also keeping the cornerback from coming inside to squeeze the throw to the crossing route. Notice the triangle created by the routes

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Creating Explosive Plays with the Pin Concept off Play Action…

The following post in an excerpt taking from a comprehensive look at RGIII’s 2012 ROY Campaign posted at The Orange and Brown Report.

Washington’s second long touchdown came off play action, using a two-man Pin concept that integrates a post with an in-breaking Dig route. The H-back will cut block at the line of scrimmage to sell the play action before heading to the flat as a check down. In this example we can clearly see how the offense’s backfield flow causes defenders to use poor eye discipline, resulting in another explosive play.

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Running the ‘Split-Dig’ with Hue Jackson

Another HueJackson-favorite that shows up on tape several times against split-safety coverage (Cover 2, Cover 4, and Cover 6) is the ‘Split-Dig’ concept.

Split-Dig is a popular three-man concept that can be run out of a variety of formations including 2 X 2, or ‘Quad’s, if the running back is used as the #3 receiver.

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Previewing Flip’s Offense: WR Motion and the “Swap Boot”

Like many I have awaiting some specific, up-to-date information about what we should expect to see from Flip’s offense this season.  We finally got a nugget from Terry’s Talkin’ this week:

1. They have been throwing a lot of swing passes to receivers in motion, which appears to be a significant part of DeFilippo’s offense. That also might help the backs catch more passes.

Using this quote I went back to the lab to look for pass concepts that integrated WR/RB motion at the snap of the ball. Before diving into the play I want to ensure that everyone is clear that we are looking at motion as the ball is snapped, not motion-and-reset.

Motion (both “slo-mo” and “jet”) as the ball is snapped is used for a variety of reasons.  It can create angles to run inside-breaking-routes like a shallow cross, it can reduce the distance a WR needs to cover if his route will take him across the field, it can help the WR release “clean” at the LOS by helping him avoid jams and collisions within the 5 yard “hands on” zone, it gives the WR a small “spring” as he works to full speed in his route, it creates great angle for “cracks” on LB’s, etc.

The play we are about to look at is  very similar conceptually to Shanahan’s PA “Flood” concepts we saw last year, so parts will look familiar.  The two components of the play that caught my eye was the creative use of WR motion to “flood” the field away from the play action and the use of a “swap” by bringing the underneath route from across the formation.

Let’s look at the play and break down some film…

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